Dairy + Acne.

By now, you may have heard someone say that their skin changed after eliminating dairy, or you had you esthetician ask if you consume a lot of dairy, why is that? Dairy is inflammatory, and has NGH ( natural growth hormone, aka all mothers milk has hormones) which in some people this may cause acne or even cystic acne.

Take a look around your mouth and chin, look closely, hold the skin taught. Do you have white build up in your pores? They never head like a zit, they are not blackheads, this in some folks is  caused by your dairy intake. It seems to happen around the mouth/chin because this is your hormonal area of your face, so extra hormones in your body may cause more fatty sebum to collect in this area or create cystic acne.

Experiment, try cutting back on dairy, subbing some out, Almond or coconut milk in you coffee, pass on the cheese plate and try my favorite Trader Joe's Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice cream instead this next grocrey run. Give it at least 3 weeks, but I bet you see a difference by day 10. It'll be worth it.