How to get the best skin of your life

Skincare, just like any form of self care, is all about routine.

It is what we do on a daily basis, not just every once in a while. You cannot achieve abs by eating junk and hitting the gym 1x a month. Your skin is your largest organ and needs daily attention.

Now, most of us cleanse our skin Am/Pm and moisturize but there is many steps in between.

Cleanse your skin, especially every night. You need to remove the day, SPF, makeup and those of us in big cities, pollution. Your skin heals at night, so you need a clean canvas.

Toner is a staple, gently exfoliates, rebalances PH levels and removes an excess cleanser or minerals from the water used.

Exfoliation: 2-3 week, removes dead skin cells, sends signals to the skin cells below to send those youthful plump new cells to the front lines. This also tricks your skin to act younger, keeping cell regeneration at the younger rate. 

Serums/Lotions/Potions: you need to feed the skin. Whether you need extra moisture or detox, you need some sort of concentrated piece. ( common rituals has more collection coming soon!)

Masks!!- Masks are a treatment and should be used 1-3x a week depending on your skin. 

Moisturizer: Even acne prone skin needs moisture, just lean towards an Oil Free ( again, coming soon!) 

SPF: #1 anti-aging piece of all time. Blocking damaging rays that break down collagen/elastin and cause pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, all of that is overwhelming for a lot of people. Here are some tricks to start your routine.

Pair what your are lacking in your routine:

-Contact wearers- you cannot take your contacts out until you.. wash your face  <insert other needs here too, Toner, Moisturizer etc>

-Parents; as kiddos are brushing their teeth and getting prepped for bed do your skincare regime. I tuck my kids in bed or read books with a mask on. Then the task is done, and you will see results rapidly. Also, its leading self care by example. Monkey see, Monkey do.

-Laundry: Fold laundry with a mask on, or thats the day you exfoliate if you aren't a big exfoliator.

-Fav TV show,- you cannot watch Hand Maids Tale or Drunk History without a mask. Easy plug for a treatment.

These are my favorites to get my clients to incorporate more skincare into their daily lives without overwhelming them. What is the point of having all the beauty potions if it's too overwhelming after a long day to even use. Small steps make Big Changes.

Photo Credit @anavilla2