It is hard to line up with friends schedules these days, coffee, dinner, drinks? My side of town or yours?  Life is busier and busier, and when you do get the time to hangout and catch up, coffee, or a bar isn't the choice I want to spend QT with my BF. I am an old granny, I can't handle coffee past 3pm, and don't want to have a wine fog in the AM after 2 glasses of red.

Connection + community are just as big of a part of self care as mediation. We are social beings and living on our computers, social media, an the ability to work from home, is removing us further from that.   #commonhangouts.

We are striving to create a place where you can do self care, have an experience, catch up with a friend, create new connections, outside of the food + drink arena.

Yes, sometimes we will have wine night with our girls night, but that is coming with an experience you can't get sitting in a booth. 

Peep our Events calendar on upcoming hangouts. Please let us know what you are looking for in an experience too. Available for private hangs too, email us to book for you and your friends.


image via @anamvilla2