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2019 Life Planner by Naturally Empowered

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Staying on top of life's tasks can be challenging, but it doesn't need to be. With The 2019 Empowered Life Planner, position yourself at the cross section of power and ease. Create more time to realize your goals.

With organizational tools, wellness tips, inspiration & gratitude practices on every page, The 2019 Empowered Life Planner is your rock solid foundation to form healthy habits and routines, so fitting in what's most important to you is an option. 

Cover Options:

 Faux Black Leather with Gold Stamping

 Red Linen,  Dove Grey Linen with Gold Stamping

  •  One large inside pocket inside the cover -

  • Two ribbons to easily locate your monthly or daily calendar location

  • Explanation and example pages

  • 2019 goals worksheet

  • Monthly calendar at the beginning of each month-

  • Daily prompts to greet the day with power & ease

  • LOTS of blank sheets in the back-

  • Made from 30% recycled paper-

  • Created, printed and manufactured in Michigan

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